valedictorian speech topic?

I'm supposed to write an end-of-the-year reflection of my middle school years(valedictorian speech).. help?
my teacher choose me to write the speech, almost like a valedictorian speech...
its supposed to be describing "my educational experience of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade"
what should i write about? projects... and what?

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  1. Brainstorm first.

    Jot down all of your impressions of these last four years -- pranks, friends, school projects, teachers, sports, parties, classes, etc.

    I suggest you keep the first part of the speech light and humorous. In the second part, you can get serious and talk about what you've learned. Be sure to pay tribute to your teachers.

    For the third part -- explain your and your classmates' plans for the future.

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  2. I'd pick the best moment out of each year and expand on each. Sometimes the best moments of a year are remembered because of humor or pathos or any other profound emotion. I'd concentrate on those.

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