find the surface area and volume of the right circular cylinder. The radius is 3 and height 6.
This is what I put for volume:
pi(3cm)^2 6 cm=
54pi cm cubed
can you please check this and show work on how to do the surface area?

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  1. The volume of a cone is (1/3) pi r^2 h

    You forgot the 1/3 factor in that formula.

    The area of the side of a cone is
    A = pi c^2*(r/c) = pi*r*c

    where c is the slant height.

    For the total cone area, you must add the bottom, pi r^2.

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    posted by drwls
  2. the question was about a cylinder not a cone which is a different formula. thanks.

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    posted by crystal

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