intermidate alegebra

I need help with two problem please.

over the m is 2.

Please help me. over the w is three and 5w is 2. so could please help me this had to be done tonight.

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asked by Ashley
  1. first one, I think you mean
    4m^2 + 20m + 25 = 0
    this is a perfect square and factors to
    (2m+5)(2m+5) = 0
    (2m+5)^2 = 0
    m = -5/2

    second one, I think you mean

    w^3 + 5w^2 - w = 5
    factor it by grouping
    w^2(w+5) - (w+5) = 0
    (w+5)(w^2 - 1) = 0
    ((w+5)(w+1)(w-1) = 0
    w = -5, ± 1

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    posted by Reiny

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