reimbursement methodologies

I read over my answers and re-done them, could someone please check them again for me.. Thanks in advance

1. By creating a committee on social welfare, the American Association of Labor Legislation helped to

A. decrease public hospital costs.
B. implement fee schedules.
C. implement health care coverage for the working class and needy.
D. create the Indian Health Service.

I chose C.

2. Which type of medical service reimbursement is the least used today?

A. Fee-for-service
B. Preferred provider organization
C. Health maintenance organization
D. Capitation

I chose D.

3. Low income and categorically needy are both eliibility requirements for

A. Medicare
B. Medicaid
C. Medical savings plan
D. Self-insurance coverage.

I chose A.

4. Which health insurance program is designed to complement the retirement, survivor, and disability insurance enacted under Title II of the Social Security Act?

A. Medicare
B. Medicaid
C. State Children's Health Insurance Program
D. Civilian Health and Medical Program- Veterans Administration

I chose B.

5. You belong to an HMO. By paying the HMO premium and being treated through that HMO, you're helping to

A. increase plan enrollment
B. decrease managed care costs
C. provide more managed care options for employees
D. control plan costs for everyone

I chose C.

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    Have you made corrections?

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  2. Yes, I went back and changed the answers that Anonymous, said were wrong on the other post. I was needed someone to re-check my new answers for me...Thanks for the help.

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  3. I agree with your correction for #2.

    For 3 and 4, read through these -- thoroughly! -- to decide if you're correct or not.

    I disagree with #5 (which I think is supposed to be #6, right?).

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  4. Would these be the correct answers?

    1. C
    2. D
    3. B
    4. D
    5. D (which was my original answer)

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  5. I took the test and 2 is A and three is B. 4 is A 5. is D

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  6. medicare and medicaid financial issues put constraints on a. physician services

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