How Children learn

I have most of these answered already. I want to see if I have those right, and if someone can help me figure out the ones I don't have yet.

1)Acording to Jean Piaget,in what is all learning based?
A)Sensorimotor Learning MY ANSWER
B)Preoperational learning
C)Concrete Operational learning
D)Formal operational learning

2)Which of the following questions is a thinker/doer most likely to ask?
D)What if

3)Which of the following techniques to arouse curiosity would work best with Junior High kids?
A)set up a curiosity corner
B)use a "feelie"box
C)Use a teaser to intruduce the topic MY ANSWER
D)set up a discovery learning center

4)Which of the following is an essential ingredient of academic self-esteem?
A)Acceptance by teachers and teachers aides MY ANSWER
B)meeting defiency and growth needs
C) indivual assignments requiring problem solving
D)A school without grades

5)What is the primary learning modality of a child who learns best by looking at books and pictures?
C)visual MY ANSWER

6)According to the inquiry model of learning,which of the following is an example of an internal reqard for students?
A)sense of accomplishment MY ANSWER
B)high grades
D)recognition and success

7)According to Carl Jung, what are the two main ways that people process information?
A)thinking and observing
B)observing and doing
C)doing and thinking
D)thinking and sensing MY ANSWER

8)What do constructivist educators believe about the learning process?
A)learning is a responce to a stimulus
B)learning is centered on the student and the student's motivation
C)learning is a process of building on what the student already knows. MY ANSWER
D)learning is the result of observing and imitating others.

9)What are learning modality?
A)a learning style MY ANSWER
B)one of the senses
C)a formal operation
D)doing and observing

10)Which of the following is a characteristic of pre-operational thinking?
A)the ability to think logically
B)the ability to preform abstract math problems
C)the need to see,hear,or touch something concrete MY ANSWER
D)the need to make the lessons relevant to their own life.

11)Which of the following statements about learning is true?
A)the way children learn best is by working alone and quiet
B)the way children learn best is in cooperative learning groups
C)the way children learn best is in one on one situations with a teacher or teachers aide
D)the way children learn best varies from child to child MY ANSWER

12)Which of the following is an example of successive approximation?
A)giving positive reinforement when a student complete an assignment correctly
B)giving positive reinforcement when a student comes close to what you wanted MY ANSWER
C)giving negative reinforcemtn when a student doesn't finish an assignment on time
D)giving negative reinforcement for each mistake a student makes

13)Which of the following is an example of a constuctive model that's based on Piaget's stages of developement?
A)high/scope MY ANSWER
C)bank street
D)head start

14)According to Carl Jung,What are the two main ways that people percieve information?
A)Thinking and Sensing MY ANSWER
B)sensing and doing
C)thinking and doing
D)sensing and observing

15)A child who has difficulty repeating a song or following verbal directions may have a difficulty with which learning modality?
B)auditory MY ANSWER

16)Which of the following techniques will help to meet the student's need for autonomy?
A)give them clear directions
B)show them a model of exactly what they're to do
C)give them choices
D)give them deadlines

17)According to inquirists,what is the biggest factor affecting whether or not students learn?
A)family background
B)possitive reinforcement
C)motivation MY ANSWER
D)lesson structure

18)Which of the following is a characteristic of concrete operational thinking?
A)the ability to sort items by one characteristic only
B)the ability to understand conservation of matter MY ANSWER
C)the ability to formulate hypotheses or guesses
D)the ability to have complex abstract thought

19)Which of the following jobs of the teacher aides comes closest to the philosophy of the social learning model?
A)teaching a lesson
B)monitoring a small group
C)acting as a role model
D)Supervising on the playground

20)What kind of responses do behaviorists look for in their students?

The only ones I don't have an answer for are 16,19,20. Can you help and also tell me if I got anything else wrong?

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  1. I think 16 is C

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  2. I believe 20 is A

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  3. 16 n 20 do0nt know but the rest is perfect.good look.

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  4. what kind of responses do behaviorists look for in their students?

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  5. 19. C 20. A

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  6. 16C 19C 20A

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  7. 7 wrong

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