Social Studies (MAPS)

Given a scale of 1:24,000

A. What is the ground distance in feet represented by three inches on the map?

B.What is the ground distance in meters represented by 5 cm on the map?

C.How about the ground distance in kilometers represented by 5 cm on the map?

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  1. a. 24000*3"=24000*1/4 ft= 8000 ft
    b. 24000*5cm=24000*.05m=1200m
    c. you do it.

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  2. Ok, can you show me the formula to use? But I'm thinking 1600k

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  3. A. 1" on the map = 24,000" on the ground; 3" on the map = 72,000" on the ground. 72,000" / 12" = 6,000 ft.

    *A in the orginal answer posted by bobpursley is incorrect; 24,000 divided by 1/4 (.25) is not 8,000, it is 6,000.

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