Grade 12 Grammar

This sentence needs to be rewritten in order to avoid gender bias or sexist words.

"Mr. Delvecchio, I'd like you to meet Mr. Hamid, Mr. Dawson, and Sophie, our secretary."

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asked by AL 92
  1. The question itself kind of annoys me; just in this example. The writer of the question assumes Sophie doesn't want to be called Sophie. (I much rather prefer to be known by my first name)

    That said, notice how the only female is mentioned as a less formal individual. Change her name to Ms. Smith and it will be what they are looking for.

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  2. My answer to the question:
    Mr. Delvecchio, I'd like you to meet Mr. Hamid, Mr. Dawson, and our secretary, Ms. Sophie Miller.

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    posted by AL 92
  3. No, AL. They all need to be the same. If you're going to include her first name, then you'll also need each man's first name, too.

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