If you were to adapt To Kill a Mockingbird to the stage

a) what changes you make to the story?

b) what events would you include? how would you stage them?

c) what would you leave out? why?

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  1. Please understand that no one here will do your work for you. However, we will be happy to read over whatever you come up with and make suggestions and/or corrections.

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  2. ok sorry
    I did have a few things, I just wanted to get a few more ideas.

    b) I would of course keep the Tom Robinson trial and make it seem really dramatic and I would also keep the part where Jem and Scout get attacked by Bob Ewell

    c) I would leave out the non important details like the snowman part and when Scout and Dill meet Mr. Raymond

    and as for a, basically what I said in b and c

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