What are the important differences between telling a story as a novel or staging it as a play?

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asked by Sarah
  1. 1.Telling a story has no acting.
    2.There is no narrator in a story
    3.No actors in story

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    posted by Mr.Bruce
  2. I disagree.

    I have read plenty of novels that have narrators and plays that do not.

    There are always characters and actions in good stories, whether they take the form of a novel or a play.

    You should probably take two sheets of paper, one with NOVEL at the top and one with PLAY at the top. Then list the characteristics of each.

    There will be ideas in each of these that will help you:



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  3. I did but all I was able to come up with is
    Novels: very discriptive, mental image, long

    Play: leaves out a couple of details, visual images, and not as long but still long

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    posted by Sarah

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