Environmental Science

For my environmental science reseaerch paper on coral reefs I wanted to copy this intro paragraph from my workbook:

Coral reefs are the second richest ecosystem or interdependent environment on Earth. They have been called the rain forests of the oceans because of the rich diversity of life they support. One of the most common examples is the Great Barrier Reef in the northeast part of Australia, which is one of the biggest reefs in the world. There are several different types of reefs that serve as “homes” for numerous plants and animals. Unfortunately reefs are disappearing at an alarming rate. While coral reefs are extremely beneficial to humans, their existence is threatened by human activities.

To put it in my own words:

Coral reefs, also called the rain forests of the oceans, are the second richest ecosystem on Earth. They have this nickname because of the prosperous diversity of life they maintain. The Great Barrier Reef in the northeast part of Australia is one of the common examples of coral reefs. The Great Barrier Reef is also one of the biggest reefs in the world. Reefs also have several different types, and serve as homes for various plants and animals. Sadly, reefs are dying out at a startling rate. Even though coral reefs are tremendously helpful and beneficial to humans, their survival is being endangered by human activities.

Is that okay? I tried to change up some words and use synonyms..

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  1. Yeah, I think this would work.

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  2. If you want more information you cold go on to google and type in "Coral reefs powerpoint" Then click on the eighth site on that first page. It gives good dteailed points about what you may be looking for.

    P.S all the best on ur research paper

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