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asked by Sara!
  1. When you type in all-caps, two things happen:

    **it's harder to read, and
    **it's the online equivalent to SHOUTING (considered rude behavior).

    Please just type in regular mode, not with the Caps Lock feature turned on. Thanks.

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  2. sorry my caps was on my question is:

    are some prepositions used in a complex sentence?

    do they make it complex?

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    posted by Sara!
  3. There are many subordinating conjunctions that can also be used as prepositions. What they are called in a sentence depends on how they are used.

    Subordinating conjunctions:


    So ... you can say that if one of these words is followed by a clause (has a subj and verb), then it's a subordinating conjunction. If it's followed by a noun (sometimes with an adjective or two), then it's a preposition.

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