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Please select one of the following thesis statements:
1. America's top corporations are successful for a variety of reasons.
2. Scientists have discovered human remains thought to be more than 2 million years older than Lucy, a skeleton found in Ethiopia.
3. A healthful diet and regular exercise will not only improve health but also lower health care costs.

Answer the following regarding the thesis you chose:
What kinds of supporting paragraphs (examples, details, definitions, analysis, division and classification, process analysis, comparison-contrast, cause-effect, argument) are appropriate to support this topic? Explain your answer.

Respond to classmates' posts by asking for more information if you disagree with or do not understand a response. Be specific in your request.

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  1. We are not going to do your work for you. You could start by learning to spell the name of your 'university' and listing the subject of your question. Then choose a theses statement from among the trhee suggested. Then research the topic.

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