This is my Trombone Solo poem.

Please see if it's good, thanks:-)

I like people
Who gain knowldge from school;
Not any kind of people,
Silly ones or cruel.
I like people
possessing respect in their hearts,
Thinking positively about others,
And doing their parts,
Accountable kind of people
Which provide others affection
Walk on the steps of success, people,

Follow the right direction!

I like people
who learn from their mistake,
Tender-hearted people
Not acting all fake,
Sharing their things,
being so sweet,
Such type of people-
deserving a treat
If it's followed devotionally
With no ego making its way through
Walk on the steps of success people,

Don't be blue!

Please tell me if everything makes good sense, thanks

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  1. It makes sense and shows deep thought.


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