Thank you very much for correcting my sentences. As I changed a few things, I wanted you to have a look at them.

1) It is a superb summer’s evening between six and seven. The episode takes place at Mulberry’s the florists in Bond Street, London.
2) Clarissa enters the shop and is greeted by eager Miss Pym. She is happy to help because Clarissa has always been very kind.
3) This year, however, she looks older. Clarissa is enraptured by the various smells and colors of the many flowers.
4) She has always been sensitive to smell and colour and fond of flowers. These are described in every detail. 5) There are delphiniums, sweet peas, bunches of lilac, masses of carnations, roses and irises. In particular, the roses look like frilled linen clean from a laundry laid in wicker trays.
6) She can breathe in the sweet smell of the earthly garden while she stands talking to Miss Pym.
7) She notices how at this time of the day every flower glows and seems to burn by itself. She also likes watching how the grey white moths spin in and out over the cherry pie.
8) She knows Miss Pym likes her and tries to surmount the hatred she has felt when suddenly a pistol shoots (?) in the street.
9) The violent explosion is actually (?) due to the bursting of a tyre of a car which has pulled up (to the side of the pavement) opposite the flower shop.
10) The narrator analyses then the reactions of the various characters to the bursting, which represents the main event of the passage.
11) Miss Pym goes to the window and apologizes for the noise coming from the car as if it was her fault.
Mrs. Dalloway comes to the window and looks out with curiosity.
12) The car is connoted by mystery (is wrapped in mystery?) conveyed through the detail of the blind and the colour grey.

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  1. 1. comma after Mulberry's

    4. put "is" before "fond"
    5. comma after linen, use "and" after laundry.
    8. pistol fires
    9) The violent explosion is actually caused by the bursting of a tire on a car which has pulled up opposite the flower shop.
    11. as if it were her fault.
    12. "enhances the mystery" would be clearer.

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  2. 3verbs that define sky scrapers

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