I posted this problem earlier and you answered it for me. The teacher said the correct answer is 3+2y/7-4y. How is that the answer. Below is what you did earlier

3/(y+2) / (7/y-4))
= 3/(y+2) * (y-4)/7
= (3y-12)/(7y+14) or

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  1. You had typed :
    3/y+2 over 7/y-4
    or as I read it
    3/(y+2) / 7/(y-4)

    Unless you made a typing error, my answers stands

    If your teacher claims the answer is
    3 + 2y/7-4y, do you mean (3+2y)/(7-4y)

    we can test this with any number, why not y = 0

    original value = 3/(0+2) / 7/(0-4)
    = (3/2) / (7/-4)
    = (3/2)(-4/7) = -12/14 = -6/7

    my answer:
    3(0-4)/[7(0+2)] = -12/14 = -6/7

    your teachers's answer
    (3+0)/(7-0) = 3/7


    check your typing

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