Can you check these sentences for me, please? Thanks a lot.

1) Can you say "he prefers working on his own rather than in a group?" or the only possible form is "He prefers working on his own to working in a group?"
2) It is a superb summer’s day between six and seven. The episode takes place at Mulberry’s the florists in Bond Street, London.
3) The main event of the passage is a violent explosion due to the bursting of a tyre of a car driving along Bond Street.
4) The car is connoted by mystery conveyed through the detail of the blind and the colour grey. The Prince of Wales, the Queen, the Prime Minister may be in the car.
5) Shall I use the simple present when describing the various reactions to the bursting of the tyre?
6) The fact that the chauffeur pulls down the blind makes everyone think there is someone important in the car. 7) Miss Pym goes to the window and apologizes for the noise coming from the car. Passers-by stop and stare. Edgar J.Watkiss says it is the Prime Minister’s car.
8) Septimus Warren Smith is a World War I veteran suffering from shell shock. He is married to an Italian woman named Lucrezia. She is a hat-maker, daughter of an innkeeper in Milan.
9) His reaction to the bursting of the tyre is of fear. (?)He is frightened and thinks he is blocking the way and that everyone is looking at him. Mrs. Dalloway comes to the window and looks out with curiosity.
10) Lucrezia at first wonders who might be in the car but she is afraid everyone might notice her husband’s strange behavior.
11) Septimus is described as a man in his thirties with an apprehensive expression. He has got a pale face, a beak nose and hazel eyes. He’s wearing brown shoes and a shabby overcoat.
12) Clarissa is sensitive to smell and colour and fond of flowers. These are described in detail as she is in the flower shop talking to Miss Pym.

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asked by Franco
  1. 1. Either phrasing works fine.

    2. "between six and seven" = morning or evening?

    3. Change "due to" to "because of"

    4. Find another word for "connote" -- http://thesaurus.com/browse/connote

    All the rest seem fine.

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