world history

the question is:

Why is England and France developing into nations important to us?

i need websites where i can get information on this please

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  1. This is a strange question. Those two nations have always been important to us. We have fought wars with them and against them and (in two cases) alongside one and against the other.

    "England" is not a nation. It is part of the United Kingdom.

    Both are major trading partners, members of the G-8 economic council of major democratic powers, and members of the UN Security Council.

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  2. i don't get the question because at the time in which they developed, the US didn't even exist.

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  3. It might help if you explained what period of history you are talking about. The royal rule of England and France goes back over 1000 years. Parts of what is now the USA were once colonies of both countries.

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