Chicago Manual (CM) and Council of Science Editors

Question 1 5 points Save
Which of the following fields uses Chicago Manual of Style (CM) documentation?


Question 2
What information goes in the parentheses when using CM style numbered notes?

the publishing information
the article title
the author’s name
the page number/s

Question 3
What is important to note about the bibliography in CM style?

the author should be listed first name, then last name
do not put parentheses around the publishing information
the author’s first and last names are separated by a period
the title should be in quotation marks

Question 4
If you wish to give credit to a reference book when using CM style numbered notes, what is important to note?

in the notes, use vs. to indicate the term that contains the information
well-known reference books are not typically listed in the bibliography
include the volume and page number
cite all reference books in the bibliography

Question 5
If you wish to give credit to a biblical reference when using CM style, what should you do?

list it in the notes only
no need to list it in the bibliography, as scriptural references are common knowledge
list it in the bibliography only
list it in the notes and the bibliography

my answers


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