chemistry lab

1) What does a high Boltzmann Distribution value indicate? (please explain I already read wikepedia articles)

2) For fluoroacetic acid the highest Boltzmann Distribution is when the dihedral angle is at 0°.
However, going from chloro- to bromo- and then to iodoacetic acid, there is an increasing dip
in the Boltzmann Distribution. What is responsible for this “dip”?

3) Ignoring the “dip” mentioned in #2, what is the “general” relationship between dipole and
Boltzmann Distribution for the haloacetic acids?

a. ANTI conformers have a (low/high) dipole and a (low/high) Boltzmann Distribution.

b. The SYN conformers have a (low/high) dipole and a (low/high) Boltzmann Distribution.

4) For haloacetic acids, which is more acidic: a conformer with a high dipole or a low
dipole? (Circle one.)

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