Can you help me check the grammar and rephrase the parts in inverted commas?
Thenk you very much in advance.

1) The tales that make up the Canterbury Tales are narrated by the different pilgrims. However, in “The General Prologue” we find the figure of Chaucer introducing the story and stating what he is going to include in the prologue.
2) The opening of the tales can be divided into four different parts. The first part is set in spring, more precisely (?) in April.
3) This month brings rain and the rebirth of nature. In particular, Chaucer mentions every aspect of nature at this time of the year, when nature comes alive.
4) He describes rain as “sweet showers fall “ which “pierce the drought of March”. (Can you help me rephrase the parts in inverted commas?)
5) Then he mentions the plants which are described as “veins bathed in liquor of such power as brings (Can you help me rephrase the parts in inverted commas?)
6) Finally, he refers to the wind as “Zephyr with his sweet breath which exhales an air in every grove”. (rephrase?)
7) The wind is personified and it is said to bring nature back to life. Another example of personification in line 8 where “his half course” refers to (?) “the young sun” .

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