for my music homework i have got these words
thick texture
thin texture

which i need to match up with these sentences

Single melodic line - i think this matches up with Polyphonic.

a few parts spaced apart

chordal parts that move together

two or more melodies playing at the same time

many different psrts playing close together.

im not sure which ones match ive looked on some websites but i am still struggling. thanks for your help.

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asked by LOOBY
  1. 1. polyphonic = music in which the melody is accompanied by voices in the same rhythm

    2. homophonic = Melody accompanied by chords. All the notes are moving the same way, accompanying the same melody.

    3 & 4 = Texture is the use of one or more sounds to create music. It can be thick or thin, simple or complex.


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  2. a big thankyou to you thanks for your help!

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    posted by looby

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