This isn't a specific math question. I'm just looking for some tips for my calculus midterm tomorrow. I'm terrible at math and I can't seem to "think outside the box" in order to do problems correctly. I know my stuff but if a teacher throws something a little different or weird on a test I bomb it.

Besides doing a lot of practice problems, which I'm doing today, what are some tips during an exam I could use? (like 1. simplify first, etc etc)

asked by Kelly
  1. if you have formulas to remember try writing all of those down on the test right when you start testing

    posted by Standard C.
  2. What kind of Math are you doing?

    I think for any kind of math though, doing problems from the book may be the best way to study for an exam, but what you sound about how "if your teacher throws something diffrent at you, you bomb it" that right there tells me that as much as you do the problems, you really don't know why or what your doing. I think if your teacher is willing to sit down with you, he/she can explain exactly 'why' they are doing what they do, instead of sticking the book and doing problems, cause at that point, all your doing is memorizing, not learning.

    I hope this helps.

    posted by Kelli

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