math(advanced algebra&trigonometry)

the playground at a daycare center has a triangular-shaped sandbox. Tow of the sides measure 20 feet and 14.5 feet and form and included angle of 45 degree. Find the length and the third side of the sandbox to the nearest tenth of a foot.

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  1. Use the cosine law

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  2. i know...
    a^2=b^2+c^2-2bc cos A
    but i didn't get the correct answer...which is 14
    is it like a^2=20^2+14.5^2-2(20)(14.5) cos135

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  3. 2x2(x+6)+3x(x-5)

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  4. A^2 = 20^2+14.5^2 - 2(20)(14.5)cos45

    A^ = 610.25 - 580cos(45)

    A^2 = 200.14

    Square root of A = square root of 200.14

    A = 14.1

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