Probability: There are 10 yellow cards, 6 green, 9 orange, and 5 red cards in a stack of cards turned face down. Once a card is drawn, it is not replaced. What is the probability that you will select 2 yellow cards?

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  1. The probability of selecting the first yellow card is 10/30, or 1/3 (33.333333333%). The probability of the second, 9/29, or 31.034%. Multiply these probabilities together to get the probability of both happening.
    .3103448275862069 * .33333333333333=
    Round if you like. Roughly a 10.34% chance of pulling two yellow cards.

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  2. Nothing because I big bran🤪

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  3. idk i dum

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  4. ITS FRIGGIN 1/9

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