can you tell me if this is right, I think it is the third choice. thanks

the question is what is true of spermatogenesis

Sperm production occurs several degrees above body temperature.

The sperm cell consists of an acrosomal unit, which carries enzymes to penetrate the egg cell, a haploid nucleus, a coiled mitochondrion, and a corpus luteum.

Primary spermatocytes are diploid, while secondary spermatocytes are haploid.

The centriole contains the genetic information of the sperm cell.

You are right!

Sperm production occurs best a few degrees below body temperature. This is why the testes are external to the body rather than being internal like the ovaries.

Corpus luteum means "yellow body" and is formed in the ovaries after a follicle emits an ovum.

The centriole develops into the tail of the sperm. The genetic information is in the nucleus.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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