One pump can drain the pool in 11 minutes. When a second pump is used, it only takes 9 minutes. How long would it take the second pump to drain the pool if it were the only pump in use?

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  1. Pump 1 drains 1/11 pools per minute
    Pump 2 drains 1/x pools per minute
    (1/11 +1/x)pools/min * 9min = 1 pool
    (1/11 + 1/x) =1/9
    1/x = 1/9 -1/11 = 11/99 -9/99 = 2/99
    so the second pump does 2/99 pool;s per minute or
    99/2 minutes per pool

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  2. Damon, Im not for sure what the 2/99 stands for.

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  3. If the pool has 99 units, then the pump will drain 2 of these units per minute.

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