Thank you for your suggestion. I just wanted to be sure that I paraphrased the following 4 sentences correctly. I really hope you can have a look at them.

1) Mr Utterson heard his steps approaching (or getting closer?) as Mr Hyde was turning the end (getting to the end?) of the street.
2) He was a small, plainly-dressed man and his appearance shocked him. Something revolting characterised his body. ("The look of him went somehow strongly against the watcher’s inclination").
3) Mr Hyde immediately backed away from him (as out of fear) with a “hissing intake of the breath” (how can I rephrase it? Taking a deep breath?) and then asked him how he got to know his name.
4) Mr Hyde hesitated but then “he fronted about with an air of defiance” (does it mean “he frowned defiantly?)

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asked by Franco
  1. Mr Utterson heard Hyde's steps approaching the end of the street.

    WHO are all these "hes"?????

    Hyde inhaled quickly and immediately backed away; recovering, he asked Utterson how he knew his name.

    Frowning, Hyde hesitated but then turned defiantly.

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