31. I had hoped the police would blame Bruce, not ___.
__ me
__ myself
__ mineself

32. Some interviewers ____ have a clear sense of what they want in an employee, ask very tough questions.
__ who
__, who
__ which
__ that

33. A venture capitalist has to be willing to take risks when ___ invests ___ money.
__ they /their
__ he / his
__ she /her
__ he or she /his or her

34. Many times people will ask a writer where ____ gets ____ ideas.
__ they/their.
__ he/his
__ she/her
__ he or she/his or her

Part III: Revision
In this section of the final, revise the sentences provided to correct the grammar errors indicated. (In many cases there will be more than one correct alternative to the sentence provided; credit will be given for all correct answers.)

Revise the following word groups to remove all fragments.

35. There are two reasons why. I like baseball. It is fun. And for the good exercise.

36. The White Sox are really good at the fundamentals of baseball. Which is why they won the World Series in 2005.

Revise the following word groups to remove all run-on sentences.

37. Studying is hard work many students find they study better when they take regular breaks.

38. Some tests are so hard that no one does well on them other tests are too easy and don't really test comprehension.

Revise the following sentences so that the subjects and verbs agree with one another.

39. One of my friends want to attend my graduation ceremony.

40. Seven cats, two monkeys, and a dog plays in the store window.

Revise the following sentences to remove all pronoun errors.

41. When a police officer fires his gun, he must fill out a lot of paperwork.

42. When a teacher writes an exam, they think about what aspects of student learning they want to test.

Revise the following sentences to remove all apostrophe errors.

43. Some people know where they parked they're car's, and some dont.

44. I gave you your's, and Im sorry if its broken now.

Revise the following sentences to make one of the existing sentences subordinate to the other.

45. The hurricane destroyed some oil rigs. Fuel prices rose.

46. People know they are going to have to retire. They often don't save enough money to do so comfortably.

Revise the following sentences to remove all errors in the use of quotation marks and all incorrect punctuation.

47. Have you ever read the story "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe? Dave asked.

48. Did the professor say Put down your pencils? Janice asked.

Revise the following sentences to create parallel constructions.

49. To succeed in the new economy, workers will have to learn throughout their careers, adapt to changing circumstances, and self-motivation will be needed.

50. Some students hate math, some students dislike math, and math is liked by other students.

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  1. You need to let us know what YOU THINK the answers to these questions are. Then someone here will be happy to help you.

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  2. thank you i would like information on how to create it on a chart the day by day strategies for managing resume and cover letter.

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  3. 31 Myself

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  4. 31 Myself 32 who 33 they/their 34 they /their

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