A pet shop has a total of 17 dogs and birds. Altogether there are 48 feet. How many dogs are there
and how many birds?

A) 7 dogs and 10 birds B) 9 dogs and 8 birds
C) 6 dogs and 11 birds D) 8 dogs and 9 birds

I got the answer C is this right?

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  1. Nope. For C, I only count 46 legs.

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  2. Here's something you can do to get the answer:
    1) multiply the number 4 with the number I'd dogs becuase they have 4 legs.
    2) multiply the number 2 with the number of of birds because they only have 2 legs.
    3) add the numbers you ended up with to see if they add up to 48. If it equals 48, then it is the answer.

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  3. Thank you this was a big help I got
    4(7)=28 +10(2)+=20

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  4. Right.

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