Can you writeacher please tell whether or not the following sentences are all possible?As they are not dictionary definitions, I just like to know if they are grammatically correct.

1) An external narrator stands outside the story/is a voice outside the story/ (but not out of the story) .He tells about (is the “about”preposition necessary?) events he has not taken part in. He tells the story from his point of view. /He gives the point of view from which the story is told.
He tells the story using the third person voice. He tells the story in the third person voice (Can I omit “voice”?)
2) A character, who never changes his personality, is called “flat”.If a character changes his personality during the story, he or it (?) is called “round”.
3)Both stanzas describe/refer to/deal with/speak about the mirror. (Which verbs are possible?)
4) The mirror can reflect an object so well that it can see its soul in the object being reflected (how would you express this concept?)
5) The poet compares the mirror to a lake. This (is it correct to use “this” to refer to the lake?) reflect the figure (or the image) of a woman.
6)The mirror stands for/symbolises/represents the natural process of aging. (are all the verbs possible?)
7) A third person omniscient narrator knows everything (and not all?) about both the events and the characters in the story.

asked by Franco
  1. 1) An external narrator stands outside the story. He tells the story from an external point of view.

    2) A character who never changes his personality is called a flat character. If a character changes his personality during the story, he or she is considered a round character.

    3) (I'd use "refer to."

    4) The mirror reflects the soul of the person looking into it.

    5) The poet compares the mirror to a lake which reflects the image of a woman.

    6) (All the verbs are possible, but I'd use "symbolises.")

    7) A third-person omniscient narrator knows everything about the events and the characters in the story.

    posted by Writeacher

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