Maria bicycles 7 km/h faster than Carlos. In the same time, it takes Carlos to bicycle 42km, Maria can bicycle 63km. How fast does each bicyclist travel?

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  1. Carlos' rate ---> x km/h
    Maria's rate ---> x+7 km/h

    times are the same :
    42/x = 63/(x+7)
    cross-multiply and solve for x

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  2. so now do I have 63x * 42x + 294?
    then subtract 63 from both sides and get -21?
    then divide 294 by -21?

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  3. You don't have an equation!
    After you cross-multiply you get
    63x = 42x + 294
    21x = 294
    x = 14

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  4. gotcha now, i didn't copy the = sign after 63x... thank you very much!!!

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  5. These answers are wrong they both can't be traveling at the same speed and one person be traveling father. Plug the answer 14 back into the original problem they both equal 3.

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