I have to write a paragraph writing a description about my sister using figurative language. Please find the paragraph below. Can you please give me some feedback. Thanks

My sister is very important to me. She is my best friend. I know everything about her personality it’s like I can read her mind. Her name is Melody. She is as fast as a cheetah and also runs like the wind. Music is a very important and she takes it very seriously. She practices her Violin like there is no tomorrow. She sings like an angel singing to God. She is like the Good Samaritan in The bible. Always wanting to help others. She is loving and caring and always looking out for me. We fight like lions sometimes but my sister is one to treasure.

asked by Ruth
  1. You have included six similes, and that's fine. Are there other types of figurative language you can include, too?

    PS -- Can you identify the six similes you used?

    posted by Writeacher
  2. As fast as a cheetah. Runs like the wind. She practices her violin like there is no tomorrow. She sings like an angel singing to God. She is like the good samaritian in the bible. We fight like lions.

    What other types of figurative languages are there?

    posted by Ruth
  3. Bobpursley gave you many ideas:

    In addition, have you read through the two websites that GuruBlue and I linked for you?

    Try again ... AFTER you have read all of this information.

    posted by Writeacher

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