English - Parts of Speech

In the sentence "He is projected to win," what part of speech is "to win"? I'm having trouble deciding between noun, adjective, or adverb...

Thank you!

he is going to win adverd 6th grade.

I don't know how to do this can you help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how do i figure out parts of speechs for my words?


As a part of speech, the infinitive, "to win," is a verb.

However, infinitives function as other parts of a sentence. In this sentence, "to win" functions as the direct object of the verb "is projected." Therefore, "to win" is a noun in this sentence.

To sum up:
TO WIN -- part of speech = verb
TO WIN -- sentence part = direct object/noun

Thank you, Ms. Sue!

This famous man was a traveler,a writer,and a fascinating person

what is collictive noun?

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asked by Ben
  1. wat are the parts of speech and there definitions and nees this like ASAP

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    posted by Aleena
  2. I think that it's a prepositional phrase.

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    posted by Peter
  3. part of speech for the word ran quickly

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  4. it is


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