Name three characteristics of mitochondria and chloroplasts that support the endosymbiotic hypothesis of eukaryotic evolution?

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  2. Mitochondria & Chloroplasts:

    1. Have their own DNA

    2. Have DNA more like a prokaryote’s than a eukaryote’s

    2a. Chromosome is circular, not linear

    2b. No histones

    3. Can replicate independently of the cell

    4. Divide by binary fission, not mitosis

    5. Have double membranes

    6. Have associated with their inner membrane enzymes & transport systems homologous to those of prokaryotes

    7. Have ribosomes more like a prokaryote’s than a eukaryote’s

    7a. Smaller size (70S, like prokaryote, instead of 80S)

    7b. Nucleotide sequence closer to that of prokaryotes

    8. 1st amino acid formylmethionine (eukaryotes use methionine)

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