Can you check these 6 paragraphs, please?

1) During my Christmas holidays I helped my mum dress the Christmas tree and wrap up the last Christmas presents.
2) I suggested her what she should give my father as a Christmas present.
3) I went shopping for clothes and I spent almost all my pocket money
4)I spent time texting my friends
(How I can express this: sending text-messages of "best wishes" to my friends??) and writing Christmas cards
5) On my last school day before my Christmas holidays I exhanged greeting with my schoolmates
6) We went on a one-week school trip in the mountains (How can I express this: we went on a skiing holiday organised by the school?). We were accompanied by our teachers.


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  1. 2. I suggested her what = I suggested to her

    #4. What you have in parentheses is fine.

    #5. I exhanged greeting = either a greeting or I exchanged greetings

    #6. What is in parentheses is fine.


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