English 101

Which sentence is parallel and which is not parallel.

1. Einstein liked doing mathemathical research more than to supervise a large laboratory.
2.While wrapping the gifts, I noticed that murray, my pet terrier, kept trying to untie the bow.

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  1. http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/parallelism.htm

    One is clearly fine, and one is clearly off! Which is which?

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  2. Which sentence is parallel and which is not?

    1. Sports fan may disagree about whether going to baseball games or to watch football is more fun, but few people can ignore the importance of sports in America.

    2. Some sports fans argue endlessly and with anger about whether football or baseball is truly the American past time.

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  3. Which sentence contains a misplace and dangling modifier.

    1. Determined, Christy Haubegger planned to publish a bilingual magazine for hispanic women.
    2.All bundled up in a blanket, the baby outing was a brief one.

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  4. 1 is 2 not
    1 not 2 is
    1 is 2 not

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  5. 1 is not 2 is

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