how do you make comparisions use equality and superlatives?

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  1. Comparisons of equality follow these patterns:

    1. tanto, -a, -os, -as (these are adjectives and will have the same number = singular/plural and gender = masculine/feminine as the noun modified + como = as much/as many + noun as

    examples: tiene tanto dinero como su padre = he has as much money as his father.

    tiene tanta hambre como su padre = he as hungry (literally: has as much hunger) as his father

    tiene tantos carros como su padre = he has as many cars as his father

    tiene tantas casas como su padre = he has as many houses as his father

    2. tanto como = use adverbially, as much as

    examples: puede comer tanto como su padre = he can eat as much as his father

    lee tanto como su padre = he reads as much as his father

    3. tan (this is an adverb modifying an adjective) + adjective + como

    examples: Es tan guapo como su padre = He is as good-looking as his father

    Es tan rico como su padre = He is as wealthy/rich as his father.

    Corre tan rápido (rápidamente) como su padre = He runs as fast/rapidly as his father.

    As for superlatives that is the most or the least and the pattern is:

    the definite article (el, la, los, las) + más or menos + adjective + de + group

    Ella es la más bonita de la clase. = She is THE prettIEST in the class.

    El es el menos inteligente del grupo. = He is the least intelligent in the group.

    Ellos son los mejores de los chicos = They are the best of the boys.

    Ellas son las peores de la chicas = They are the worst of the girls.

    The -or comparatives are:
    mejor, menor, mayor, peor
    (good, better, best, etc.)

    Are you sure you don't also need comparisons of inequality?


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