Can you (Writeacher) check the following sentences, please?

1) During my winter holidays (can you say “in my….. “, is the singular possible?)
2) I stayed with my cousin (or it is better to say: I spent time with ..)
3) On Mondays I went to the volleyball training of little players and we taught them how to play (how can I simplify this sentence?)
4) On Christmas Day, after opening the Christmas presents (after I had opened…), I went with my parents to my sister’s house (or can you omit “house”) for lunch
5) She cooked (?) for us ham with melon for a starter (?), pasta with tomato sauce for a main course and grilled chicken breast with peas. As a dessert we ate a spongecake. (Can you tell me how I can organize the prepositions: as or for a dessert she gave us??)
6) I didn’t eat the chicken breast because I was replete (I was full up or I had enough?)
7) We stayed together for all the afternoon or we spent the whole afternoon together talking and playing on my Nintendo –DS.??
8) The next (or following) day we went to seaside resort to my grandparent’s house.
9) My Granny cooked some delicious food for me. We played cards and I won all the matches (?). I was so lucky! Can you also say I really had luck! Can you say: “I’m always lucky at playing cards?
10) I went out to my friends’house (is out necessary?) nearly every evening
11) I was the waitress for the day and served all my family (??)
12) I went to a party. We were 25 people OR there were 25 people there.
13) We danced for all the night OR all night long
14) After the count-down we celebrated and we toasted (or we drank a toast) to the new year (?)
15) We set off some fireworks (?) together
16) We went to a big department store because the sale started (???)
17) We did some shopping and everybody bought some things (???)
18) The next morning I got up late and I was still so tired
19) Then I went to the theatre to see my brother’s performance (or for my brother’s performance)
20) The next day was the last holiday’s day OR the last day of our holiday
21) On the following day (and not the following day?) I started school again
22) On the Day of Epiphany (and on the Epiphany) I went to the mountains by my mother’s car OR My mother drove us to the mountains?
23) I did my homework all day because I had fallen behind (can you say that?9
24) We went to visit my relatives (is to correct?)
25) I love to celebrate Christmas Day (or my Christmas Day?) with my family.
26) I went out with my family to do some shopping or to visit my relatives
27) I put my clothes on OR I put on my clothes (or I got dressed?)
28) During my holidays my sister cleaned (or had to clean) the shower, the bath and the washbasin whereas my mum did the vacuuming and dusted the coffee-table. (Can you say My mum vacuumed the carpet)
29) In the evening we usually had a good dinner: fried chicken with Caesar salad or fresh salmon with vegetables.
30) I went to the gym for my volleyball training (How can I correct this one?)
31) I received many Christmas presents such as a sweatshirt from my mum and a CD-player form my relatives. I like making and unwrapping Christmas presents and dressing the Christmas tree
32) My uncle gave me a cardigan as a Christmas present.

Thank you

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asked by Franco
  1. Whoa!

    Please go through these yourself. Read them out loud to someone or to yourself so you can hear what you're writing.

    If you still have questions, re-post -- but out of 32 separate instances, you should be able to get it down to the 5 that you absolutely cannot get.

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