5th grade


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asked by RUSHIL
  1. rushil, a syllable is the number of parts a word is broken into. "word" is a one syllable word. "broken" is a two syllable word- bro-ken. Rushil is also two syllable. Ru-shil. Computer is three syllable, com-pute-r. Tap out the syllable as you read the lines in the poem. this will give you the answer you want. Hint- each line has the same number of syllables.

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    posted by Harold
  2. I suggest you read the poem and count them.


    Different lines have different numbers of syllables, but there is not a large difference between them.

    <<Two roads di-verged in a yel-low wood,
    And sor-ry I could not tra-vel both>>
    (There are 9 syllables in those two lines)

    <<In leaves no step had trod-den black>
    That one has eight syllables

    If you post aqain here, please do it once only per question, and do NOT use all capital letters. It is considered rude by most teachers. Also, learn to spell "poetry".

    We could not answer your question until you told us the name of the poem. There is much varation of structure from one poem to another. Some have no structure at all.

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    posted by drwls
  3. Harold and DrWLS are right.

    If you need further help understanding how to determine the syllables in a word and then in a line of poetry, here are some good webpages that will help:

    Click on 1.1 Feet -- the chart there is very helpful.

    The number of syllables in each line of poetry and the order in which they are arranged are shown here.

    Remember -- reading poetry aloud and tapping your fingers or toes to the beat will help you figure this out.

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  4. Thank You for not telling the answers

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    posted by butt
  5. I do not care

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    posted by Mrs.Sue

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