4 grade

A snail climbs up a wall 20 feet high. Each day the snail climbs 5 feet, but each night it slips backwards 4 feet. How many days will it take for the snail to get to the top of the wall?

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  1. 5-4 = 1

    The snail only goes up 1 foot a day.

    20 * 1 = ?

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  2. 20

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  3. A snail climb up an electric pole at the rate of 90 cm a day and slips back 60 cm every night, how long will the snail take to reach the top of the a 360 cm high pole?

    Ans-it will take 12 days

    I'm i correct?

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  4. 20 days

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  5. Is it 16 or 17? I still do not know as after 15 days the snail is 15 feet up the wall and on the sixteenth day the little fellow gets to 20 feet and sits on top of the wall UNLESS he slides back and finishes at 16 feet and on the 17th day the snail not only reaches 20 feet but also is able to 'climb over the top' and sit on top of the wall.

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