I have been able to figure out everything on my assignment but this one. Can anyone help?
Five numbers are to be picked, without repetition from 44 numbers to determine the winner of the Fortune Five game in the state lottery. If the order of the numbers is insignificant, how many different ways can a winning quintuple be selected? What is the probability of winning?

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  1. The number of ways to choose 5 out of 44 numbers is
    C(44,5) = 44!/(5!39!) = 1086008

    So the prob of winning is 1/1086008

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  2. Thank you, now I feel really . Ive been pondering this question for an hour or two.

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  3. A blueprint for a museum uses a scale of a 1/4 in:1ft. One of the rooms on the blueprint is 3 3/4 in. long. How long is the actual room?

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  4. 3 3/4in -> 15/4 -> 3.75

    0.25 in. 3.75
    -------- = ------- Now cross multiply
    1ft. X

    X= 15ft

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