Name the property used in the equation 15n=15
multiplicative identity or multiplicative inverse?

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  1. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "multiplicative identity or multiplicative inverse". Here is information from one source:

    MEAP Preparation - Grade 7 Mathematics
    1.34 Multiplicative Identity and Multiplicative Inverse

    If a/b is a rational number then
    a/b x 0 = 0 x a/b = 0.
    Example: 7/3 x 0 = (7x0)/3 = 0/3 = 0
    Multiplicative Identity:
    If a/b is a rational number then
    1 x a/b = a/b x 1 = a/b
    Example: 3/5 x 1 = 1 x 3/5 = 3/5
    Therefore, one is the identity element for multiplication in rational number.
    Multiplicative Inverse:
    For every rational a/b (a, b are not equal to zero), there will be a rational number b/a is such that
    a/b x b/a = 1
    If the product of two numbers is one, we say that each number is the multiplicative inverse of the other.
    Example: 2/3 x 3/2 = (2x3)/(3x2) = 6/6 = 1

    In the future, you can find the information you desire more quickly, if you use appropriate key words to do your own search. Also see

    I hope this helps.

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