Can you help me rephrase the poem “Mirror” by Sylvia Plath?
1) The mirror is silver, exact and four-cornered. It has no preconceptions. It is truthful, not cruel. It swallows whatever it sees, unmisted by love or dislike (How can I replace unmisted?)
It has the eye of a little God. It spends most if its time meditating on the opposite wall.
It has looked at it so long that it feels that the wall has become part of its soul.
It thinks it is part of his heart. But it flickers (can you suggest me a synonym?? It glimmers, trembles..)
2) Then the mirror compares itself to a lake, A woman bends over it (searching its reaches ??) to see what she is really like. The mirror is important to her. Unlike the candles and the moon, which the mirror calls liars, the mirror reflects her faithfully.
She rewards it with tears and an agitation of the hand (?). She has drowned a young girl in the mirror (???) and in the mirror an old woman rises toward her day after day, like a terrible fish.
Does it mean that the mirror reflects her in her different ages (youth in which she is now and old age???)
Thank you

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  1. 1. unmisted - unaffected - not confused.
    Look at the verb entries here:


    Put the Thesaurus into your favorite places!!! invaluable help.

    2. reaches in that context - depths
    agitation - trembling
    She has drowned a young girl...means the young girl she was is now growing old...the mirror is truthful. Her real age is there looking back at her frighteningly real.

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  2. 1. unfogged? unclouded?

    Wavers? Sputters?

    2. If the mirror is on the wall, how the the woman bend over it?

    searching its depths?

    You might find synonyms more quickly by using a thesaurus, hard copy or online.

    It sounds like an older woman trying to evoke images of her youth in the mirror.

    I hope this helps.

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