English 1

1. In the story, Snow, through the story's first-person narration, the reader comes to understand

A. Sister Zoe's opinions about teaching and politics.
B. Yolanda's feelings about the world around her.
C. President John F. Kennedy's views on Communist expansion.
D. Yolanda's life before moving to New York City.

Is it C?

2. The term "point of view" refers to the way the writer has chosen to

A. create conflict.
B. present dialogue.
C. create a setting.
D. tell a story.

Is it D?

3. The theme of a story

A. announces the topic in one or two words.
B. is stated directly in the story.
C. provides entertainment only.
D. makes some revelation about the subject.

Is it D?

4. The theme often reveals

A. a character's motives.
B. hints about a story's outcome.
C. a truth about human behavior.
D. the strength of a story's plot.

Is it D?

Thanks in Advance!

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  1. 1. Was John F. Kennedy the "I" in the story?

    2. Yes

    3. Yes

    4. Not D

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  2. Thanks! President Kennedy wasn't the "I."
    Is 4 A?

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  3. I haven't read the story, but I'd think #1 is more likely to be B, but it could be D as well -- especially if that part of the story is told in a flashback (as a memory, perhaps).

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  4. I know that 1 is not A or D.
    Is number 4 A?

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  5. 1 - B

    4 - C

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  6. thanks!

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  7. You're very welcome.

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