The areas of the faces of a rectangle box are 48 m2, 96 m2, and 288 m2. A second box is cubical and each of its faces has area 16m2. Find the ratio of the volume of the first box to the volume of the second box.

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  1. how about letting the 3 lengths of the first cube be a, b, and c
    ab = 288
    ac = 96
    bc = 48

    from that you could do stuff like
    ab/(ac) = 288/96
    b/c = 3
    b = 3c

    using other variations, and subbing back, I found
    a = 24
    b = 12
    c = 4 (the side areas check out)

    so the volume of the first is .....

    I am sure you can finish it.

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