I forgot to include these sentences:
1) I use the Internet to be kept up-dated (or to keep-up-to date) on the latest news (meaning to be informed on the ...)
2) is the spelling and word choice of the following food correct?
Saurkraut (without plural), some asparagus (without plural)/spinach, kaki (without plural) or persimmon , kiwi fruit (or kiwi/kiwis),
a pot of jogurt, a carton of milk,, half a dozen egg (do you say a carton of eggs) a bag of deep-frozen (?) peas,
a half-liter bottle of water (??)
a one-liter bottle ..., a can of..
3) can you say a potato and tomato salad, a turkey sandwich, a turkey steak, horse mincemeat, veal cutlet or Wiener Schnitzel, to coat a cutlet with (is it correct?) breadcrumbs
4) Can you say "the centrepiece of the meal is turkey (meaning the main part of the meal is ...??)


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asked by Franco
  1. 1. Either phrasing works fine -- just delete any hyphens. They're not needed here.

    2. Sauerkraut, asparagus, spinach, persimmon, kiwifruit -- only "persimmon" would have an added -s to make it plural. All others have no separate plural form.

    yogurt - American spelling

    carton of milk - yes

    half a dozen eggs (a carton of eggs would mean a dozen or sometimes 18)

    a bag of frozen peas (no need for "deep")

    All others here and in #3 are correct.

    4. Yes, that's fine.


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