Can you check these sentences for me please?
1) Man cannot be sure of what will happen after death and has no proof that human suffering stops (?) or will stop at that point
2) The medieval perspective in which Hamlet sees death as physical liberation from the prison of the body is countered (can you tell me an appropriate synonym??) by the doubt of the Renaissance man, concerning (???) the after life.
3) The fear of something after life prevents us from committing suicide (is from correct or is the gerund alone correct)
4) If it is cowardly (?) to remain alive, then conscience makes cowards of us all.
5) Hamlet regards cowardice as (?) the ability to stay alive
6) Hamlet didn't resent being insulted because he had no gall in his liver (he calls himself pigeon-livered???)
7) He adresses himself (??) muddy-mettled rascal (how would you explain this??? a rascal whose mettle is made of mud??)
8) Hamlet is urged by the ghost to avenge (or to take revenge, get revenge on Claudius for murdering .. Are these examples correct?) his father's murder. Can you also say to revenge himself for his father's murder?
9) Do you know a good synonym for to be reluctant to??
Thanks for the help

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  1. 1. "stops" is fine

    2. Suggestion: ... prison of the body, contradicted by the doubt of the Renaissance man about a possible afterlife.

    3. I think you mean "after death" rather than "after life" -- and yes, keep the word "from" in there.

    4. Fine, as is.

    5. Fine, as is.

    6. Fine, as is; or ~~> ... because he was not rancorous.
    (See http://thesaurus.reference.com/browse/gall )

    7. He addresses himself as a dull spirited person.
    (See http://www.answers.com/topic/muddy-mettled )

    8. All the different phrasings you've written are correct. "... to avenge his father's murder" is the most direct and concise.

    9. http://www.answers.com/topic/reluctant and http://thesaurus.reference.com/browse/reluctant

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