Religions of The World

Assignment World Religions Report (The Class Final)
• Resources: Appendices A, B, & F
• Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum
• Submit your World Religions Report. For this project you will choose one of the following religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism or Islam. First, you will give a detailed summary of the history of the religion you have chosen. Then you will visit a place of worship and interview a person of that faith. When you come to the part where you will write up your interview, You should describe the place of worship in detail including symbols and lay out. You should then introduce your interviewee, telling your reader what position, if any, the interviewee has in temple, synagogue or Mosque. Then put as close to a verbatim of the conversation as possible in the body of your paper. It is advisable to use the following format for the verbatim of your interview:
Question: xxx xxx xxx
Answer: xxx xxx xxx
This makes it easy for your reader.
You will report all of your findings in an informative 2500-3,000 word paper.
Lastly you will compare and contrast this religion with the largest religion in the world, Christianity.
Here is your check list:
• Your World Religions Report should be 2500-3000 words in length, formatted according to APA guidelines.

Here is a checklist of what you need in your assignment. Don't leave any of the parts out of the assignment.
1. Title Page
2. Introduction of the religion (Detailed History)
3. Name, location and description of the site, noting any symbols of relevance.
4. Introduce your Interviewee and give a verbatim Interview summary
What is Islam?
What are the important holidays and traditions of this religion?

How has religion shaped your life?

What are the challenges, if any, to practicing this particular religion?

Why do Muslim women cover their heads? Isn't this a sign of subjection of women?
What does jihad mean?
Why did the prophet Muhammad marry many wives?
What are some of the rights given to women in Islam?
Muslims believe that Jesus did not die on the cross. Does that mean he died of natural causes? Will he come again? Why is he the only prophet to return?
Does the Qur'an contain any prophecies about the future? Have any of these proved true?
Isn't it true that the Qur'an is copied from the Bible?
Why not ask him/her what "Allah" means and do they consider Allah to be the same God that Christians worship?
Muslims say they do not worship idols. When they go to Mecca, why do they kiss a black stone?
Does the Qur'an teach Muslims to believe in the Torah, the Psalms and the Gospel?
Does the Qur'an have the story of the Fall of Man as told in the Bible? Are the stories similar or different?

5. Compare and contrast the religion you have chosen with Christianity.
6. Conclusion
7. References
• Post as an attachment.


Due Sunday

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  1. We are not here to respond to interviews. It sounds like you have to find a person for a face-to-face interview. Your would want to find someone who is relatively knowledgeable about his/her religion. Good luck!

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    posted by PsyDAG
  2. I don't need the interview. I need help with the rest. I have had a migraine for over 3 weeks now and don't have much done

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    posted by Darlene

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