How do you convert from nanometres - metres and vice versa? I need to convert 0.6 X 10-6 (the -6 is an expom to nm...

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  1. 1 meter = 1x10^9 nanometers. Multiply or divide depending on the direction of the conversion (use dimensional analysis if needed).

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  2. sorry, I still do not understand how to perform that calculation. I have never heard of dimensional analysis...Can you please explain how I would figure it out.

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  3. Each unit is a dimension; dimensional analysis is a method of unit conversion by eliminating all units except those desired.

    For example, to convert 0.2m to nanometers:

    Multiply to replace the units of meters with nanometers.

    0.2m * (1x10^9 nm) / (1m) = ____ nm

    Notice how the units of meters cancels out while the units of nanometers remains.

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