9th grade

A reporter covering a naturalization ceremony wants to randomly select new citizens to interview. Out of the 200 new American citizens, 7 of them are from Ecuador, and 10 of them are from Kenya. What is the probability that the reporter will randomly select a person from Ecuador first and then a person from Kenya to interview?

asked by Basima
  1. Assistance needed.

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    posted by Writeacher
  2. 7/200 for the Ecuadorian, 10/199 for the Kenyan (one non-Kenyan person is already gone).

    The probability of both (or all) events is found by multiplying the probabilities of the individual events.

    I hope this helps.

    posted by PsyDAG
  3. The answer is 7/3,980. By the way, this is 6th grade, not 9th!

    posted by Bella

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